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Bio of Bridget Sutherland [ email ]

Bridget Sutherland
PO Box 101
Albert Park, Vic 3206

Tel/Fax: (03) 9696 5160
Mobile: 0408 572 406

Bridget Sutherland is an Honorary Member of NMAA/ABA. Her introduction to the association was the famous 1964 Melbourne Herald photo of Mary Paton vacuuming in high heels with baby Nick on her back in a Meh-Tai! She joined NMA a few months later, shortly after the birth of her second daughter.

Bridget had arrived in Australia in 1962 on a two-year working holiday from the UK. Shortly after her arrival she met her husband. They married a few months later.

Their first daughter was born in 1963. Bridget experienced enormous difficulties with breastfeeding, which were overcome with help from her obstetrician (the late Dr James Smibert) and health centre sister. It was this woman who encouraged her to join NMA .You overcame almost every problem in the book with Fiona, I am sure you can help other mothers..

As a result of her business experience, Bridget was initially Secretary, then Public Relations Officer and finally Vice President.

Over forty years later she has the satisfaction of knowing how many thousands of mothers have been helped by the work of NMAA/ABA. She also has four grandchildren, all of whom were breastfed for at least twelve months. The lifetime friendships made as a result of her involvement with the association are very important to an ex-patriate and last, but not least, she is delighted that an NMAA/ABA National Breast Feeding Conference is being held in the city where it all started . Melbourne!